by Omnilarity

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released May 31, 2015

Omnilarity is:
Daniel Amaral: Drums, Piano, Vocals
Duke Gray: Bass, Vocals
Brennan Netherton: Guitar, Vocals

Guest Vocalist:
Sam Torres: Vocals on "Until The Mountains Return Home" and "You Are More Than What You've Become"

Recording Engineer:
David Amaral: Co-engineer and producer

Mixed and Mastered by Daniel and David Amaral

Lyrics for "Until The Mountains Return Home", "As Bright As Our Dying Sun", "Captivate", and "You Are More Than What You've Become" written by Duke Gray

Lyrics for "No Dreams Behind Eyes That Never Shut" written by Brennan Netherton

Lyrics for "Pushing The Antithesis" written by Daniel Amaral

Album artwork taken by Brennan Netherton, arranged by Omnilarity



all rights reserved


Omnilarity Chino, California

In a world filled with countless congested metal bands, Omnilarity is a breath of fresh air. Mixing unorthodox methods of musicality, utilizing many variants of metal, and throwing different genres into the mix, Omnilarity have established a sound all their own. Omnilarity is a Christian Progressive Metal band based in Chino, CA. Like us on Facebook to give us some support. Thanks! ... more

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Track Name: No Dreams Behind Eyes That Never Shut
Chasing the faintest hint, an incandescent dream.
I search for so long to find my well has run dry.
How thirsty I have become, longing for a taste of something more real.
I've seen you before, always so distant even when I can see you.
Truly the closest I have ever been.
A breeze blows the scent my way filling the air around me, so sweetly,
but I haven't slept, no dreams behind eyes that never shut.
Feeling the floor beneath and the ceiling above, truly I am in a dream, I
must be, theres no difference between the two.
An endless waiting, an endless nightmare.
Track Name: Until The Mountains Return Home
The courage of stars to give their light even after death,
something more than I could ever leave you with.
Your wonders of love and all things that leave you short of breath are the reason why I'm here, but inside I've left.
I beg for you to say it all again so I could hear your words and every intention meant, but I never dared to recite, I have my own poem of resentment. Until the mountains return home and the skies are burden free, I can't promise you anything more then what I've given you from me, and if actions speak louder than the words we scream, excuse me for I'm just trying to feel something other than feeling buried beneath this gravity that makes wants appear to be needs.
And love masked as lust and honesty hidden under distrust. The fact I'll ask to show me your sins when in reality they cave me in and I'll throw intimation away and try my hardest you save you as if there's no other way. In result I forget my own pain as if it faded away when really I've become numb longing for the days when I didn't run from giving myself to another instead I work on the things I think will make me better, so until the mountains return home and the sky is burden free, I'll continue to clash with the concept of love or as much of it as my eyes can see.
Track Name: Pushing The Antithesis
The vast ether is not infinite enough.
The deepest blue is not fully absolute.
The farthest reach becomes too close.
Eternity becomes bound by time.
The hidden path that we've carved fractures forever.
Sense is made from circularity.
Abstract made tangible.
Words become actions.
Believing is seeing.
Let us dwell in the artistry of the known.
Track Name: As Bright As Our Dying Sun
Chasing the echoes of the words we wish we could still hear.
Drowning in desperation for something more from you.
As bright as our dying sun, you shined in such a way,
and I tried to capture such light for myself.
You are a sunset with colors of reds, oranges and rust
and I the textures of this spectrum deep shades robust.
Your light will sink beneath those hills
to vanish into the skyline and I will do my best to bottle yours.
As bright as our dying sun.
Track Name: Captivate
Let us drown in love for the things we can not see.
Let us shiver at the touch for the things we can not feel.
Let us bury life of absence in what we tell ourselves is real.
Let us scar our skin in everything were trying to conceal
just so we can walk away numb from something surreal.
Track Name: You Are More Than What You've Become
This secret wish to leave all we know behind.
The breaking of dawn revealing the dissonance in our own design.
How could I have known this would tear me apart?
I was incapable of most things but this shaped me from the start.
We are taught with such trust, but never do we learn the true matter of its sum until we learn "you are more than what you've become".